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Art Lock: Revolutionizing Art Protection for Artists and Collectors

Explore the Future of Art Safeguarding

Art Lock is the ultimate solution for artists and collectors seeking to protect their valuable artworks. Our groundbreaking system leverages immutable ledger technology to securely connect each artwork to a digital token, housing comprehensive information about the piece.


Unlocking the Power of Metadata

Metadata, in simple terms, is the key information that describes and defines other data. In the case of Validated Data Tokens (VDTs), metadata imparts meaning and encompasses vital details such as the artwork's name, description, and images. Art Lock takes this a step further by capturing initial chaining event data, including biometric data, precise geolocation, and a one-of-a-kind identifier for the physical object. This innovative hardware and software technology enables an unbreakable bond between physical objects and digital tokens, a pioneering advancement in the realm of data tokens.

Art Lock Meta Example

The Essence of Our Patented Technology

Black Ink Tech, the driving force behind Art Lock, holds exclusive licensing rights to a collection of 20 patents, all centered around the BIT Platform, along with over 13 awarded patents.



Black Ink Tech's intellectual property (IP) portfolio is built upon the core concept of employing geo-anchored hardware to capture metadata that seamlessly integrates with immutable storage systems and processes, including smart contracts.

Through the utilization of data capture devices, BIT possesses the capability to scan and extract data from any physical item across various industries, effectively bridging the gap between the physical and digital realms. Until now, digital tokens have existed solely in the digital domain, making BIT a pioneer in connecting physical items with digital tokens.


Join us in embracing this cutting-edge approach to art safeguarding, where the protection of your artistic creations and investments is taken to an entirely new level of reliability and innovation.

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