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Unlocking Transparency in the Art World

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Art Lock's mission is to safeguard and empower creators of physical art by connecting their creations to the digital world through verifiable, tamper-proof digital tokens, promoting transparency and confidence, and maximizing the value of art in a secure and innovative manner.

Discover how Art Lock empowers creators and ensures transparency, authenticity, and provenance in the art world.

The Art Industry

The Problem:


The art industry is currently plagued by a profound lack of transparency, contributing to widespread fraud and theft in a market surpassing $65 billion. In an environment where the authenticity of artworks is often uncertain, the industry faces a substantial challenge in definitively verifying and validating the provenance of art.

The Solution:


An easy to use app that creates a fully functional digital equivalent containing attributes that can be transparently validated to provide provenance to anyone.  Art Lock offers indisputable proof of an artwork's legitimacy, making counterfeiting and fraudulent claims nearly impossible.

Art Lock is the innovative solution to the art industry's fraud problem, championing "truth" over trust.


Core Features

Validated Data Tokens (VDTs):

Art Lock links physical art to Validated Data Tokens, guaranteeing authenticity & provenance. VDTs include details about the artwork, such as GPS coordinates, timestamps, biometric, VDT IDs, images of the art, and associated documents like Certificate of Authenticity. 

Biometric Digital Identity

Art Lock validates and links the biometric digital identity of the artist, appraiser, and all other relevant parties involved in the art creation or transaction, further enhancing the authenticity and transparency of the process.

Touch Audit

Gain instant access to key details of any product, service, or event with a simple touch or click. Touch Audit offers instant verification of essential metadata details including Where, When, Who, What, providing a transparent and reliable source of truth behind the information.

Token Grading System

Our Token Grading System for art meticulously assesses the provenance and authenticity of each artwork, providing collectors and enthusiasts with a trusted and standardized method to evaluate the quality and integrity of their art investments.


Using floating kiosks and a mobile app, Art Lock connects physical artwork to the digital world by immutably recording the data attributes from the physical piece. This information is stored in a unique Validated Data Tokens, or VDTs.


Every physical art piece can be listed on our marketplace and is accompanied by a unique Validated Data Token (VDT), seamlessly connecting the physical and digital realms. VDTs provide irrefutable proof of authenticity, ensuring that buyers receive genuine products.

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