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Art Lock Ui screen

Artist Spotlight

Amy Santiago Safeguards Authenticity and Elevates Narrative with Art Lock 

Meet Amy Santiago, a visionary artist with a passion for pushing the boundaries of creativity and possesses a deep dedication to ensuring the authenticity of her artistic creations. Her fascination with painting goes beyond the mere act itself; she is equally devoted to establishing the genuine nature of her work. Amy perceives her paintings not merely as individual masterpieces but as narratives deserving a thorough and transparent storytelling experience.

In Amy's most recent creation, "Tilting At Windmills," she skillfully weaves a captivating tapestry of abstract hues and intricate brushstrokes.


Why Art Lock?

Recognizing the need to safeguard the authenticity and provenance of her artwork, Amy decides to utilize Art Lock to connect "Tilting At Windmills" to a Validated Data Token (VDT).

Connecting Artwork to a VDT

First, Amy downloads the ChainIT app, the software powering Art Lock, and creates an account before capturing attribute details related to “where”, “when”, “who”, and “what” pertaining to the artwork.

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The Birthplace of Inspiration
Amy's art studio, nestled in the heart of a Niles, MI serves as the genesis of "Tilting At Windmills." Using the ChainIT app, Amy captures the precise GPS coordinates of her studio, ensuring that the VDT associated with her artwork vividly reflects the spatial origins of this mesmerizing painting.
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Art Lock captures the GPS coordinates of the exact location (or a 10-mile radius) of where the artwork was created or currently displayed.
Art Lock records the timestamps associated with the artwork, including the VDT creation date & time, and the acquisition date & time if the artwork was sold to a new owner or displayed in a new location, like an art gallery. 
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A Timeless Creation
The timestamp feature immortalizes the moment when Amy created the VDT that intrinsically connects the physical artwork to a digital equivalent. "Tilting At Windmills" bears the creation date & time, allowing art enthusiasts to connect with the painting on a temporal level, placing it within the broader context of Amy's artistic evolution.
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Artists, Collectors, and Guardians
As the sole creator of "Tilting At Windmills," Amy's digital identity is intricately woven into the VDT. Biometric verification through Art Lock ensures that only Emily has the authority to authenticate the connection between the artwork and its digital token. Additionally, when the painting undergoes appraisal or changes hands, each appraiser or collector becomes a custodian of its story,  enriching the vibrant narrative of individuals linked to the masterpiece. 
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Art Lock records the individuals or entities associated with the artwork, including the artist, the current owner or custodian, an appraiser, and all preceding owners or institutions that have possessed or showcased the artwork in its history. 
Each VDT is assigned a unique identifier, such as a QR code, bar code, serial number, or RFID. When someone scans this code, they gain access to all key details and verified data associated with the artwork.
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ChainIT QR.png
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A Multifaceted Masterpiece
The details and attributes of "Tilting At Windmills" are captured in its VDT, including the title given by Amy, the vibrant mix of gray tone oil on canvas as the medium, the stylistic embrace of abstract expressionism, the depiction of the delicate dance between order and disorder in the subject matter, and the captivating dimensions of 36 x 48 inches—all meticulously documented.

Art Lock's Seamless Integration

By utilizing Art Lock, Amy Santiago elevates her painting from a mere canvas to a multifaceted narrative. The VDT becomes a digital companion to "Tilting At Windmills," chronicling its spatial, temporal, and human connections. Through Art Lock, Amy ensures that the essence of her masterpiece is preserved, authenticated, and shared with the world, solidifying her place in the annals of art history.


As "Tilting At Windmills" embarks on its journey through various collections and exhibitions, Art Lock's comprehensive metadata points continue to enrich the artwork's narrative, fostering a deeper appreciation and increased value for Amy Santiago's creative brilliance.

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