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Core Features

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Understanding the key components that make up the Art Lock platform

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Dive into the heart of Art Lock's cutting-edge technology

Art Lock's patented technology and integrated platform pave the way for art enthusiasts and collectors to navigate the art market with unwavering confidence. Through these essential core features, we foster a truthful and reliable art ecosystem, benefiting artists, consumers, collectors, and stakeholders alike, while simultaneously enhancing the value of the artwork and enriching the art experience overall.

Validated Data Token™

Your Guardian of Data Authenticity

Validated Data Tokens (VDTs) are a core feature of the Art Lock platform. These digital tokens serve as a bridge between the tangible art world and the digital realm. Each VDT is a permanent, data-driven record intricately linked to various physical art mediums, including sculptures, paintings, ceramics, and more. These tokens encapsulate vital metadata, including GPS locations, timestamps, biometrics, VDT-IDs, images, and documents like a Certificate of Authenticity, forming a comprehensive and transparent profile of the associated art.

Validated Data Tokens empower artists, collectors, dealers, and gallery owners to enhance confidence and transparency in the art ecosystem.

  • Artists can secure their creations and showcase their journey.

  • Collectors gain airtight provenance information.

  • Art Dealers streamline transactions with authentication.

  • Gallery Owners offer a secure platform to their clients.

Validated Data Token (VDT) image
VDTs offer indisputable proof of an artwork's legitimacy, making counterfeiting and fraudulent activities nearly impossible.
Digital Identity

Modern Identification for a Global World

Man taking a picture of himself to prove his identity on the ChainIT app
Through the validation and secure connection of biometric digital identities, Art Lock establishes a web of truth that permeates the art world.  Validating digital identities on the Art Lock platform is reshaping the way we engage with art. This innovative feature takes transparency to new heights by validating and linking the biometric digital identity of all stakeholders involved in art transactions. Whether you're an artist, appraiser, collector, or dealer, Art Lock's system ensures that every interaction is rooted in verifiable identity and truth.
  • Artists can safeguard their creative identity, fostering an unwavering connection with their audience.
  • Collectors can buy and sell art with confidence, knowing that they are dealing with verified individuals.
  • Art Dealers benefit from streamlined, secure network of clients and artists. 
  • Gallery Owners can promote a secure and reliable platform for artists and buyers, all based on the foundation of truth in identity.
Touch Audit logo
Touch Audit™

Empowering Transparency, One Touch at a Time

Art Lock's Touch Audit feature allows instant access to key details of the artwork ensuring authenticity and transparency. With a simple touch or click of a button, users gain insights into the artist, artwork's history, physical attributes, and ownership changes. This historical metadata is stored in a Validated Data Token (VDT) that captures every detail of the artwork including the "Where," "When," "Who," and "What" and every transaction event. This information is permanently recording every transaction event, creating a transparent and reliable source of truth behind the artwork.​​

  • Artists can showcase their work with confidence, knowing that potential buyers can easily verify the authenticity of their pieces. This increased transparency fosters a stronger sense of truth, leading to more sales and a broader reach. 

  • Collectors can now invest in art pieces with a profound sense of assurance as they can easily validated the authenticity of their art collection, reducing the risk of fraudulent transactions.

  • Art Dealers benefit by offering their clients secure and genuine art pieces. It minimizes concerns about the authenticity of art, allowing dealers to grow their businesses and client base.

  • Gallery Owners are able to provide a welcoming and transparent experience for visitors, fostering trust and transparency.

In the art industry, trust has shifted to "truth" through technologies like Art Lock, ensuring authenticity and provenance, and instilling confidence in transactions while eliminating concerns about fraud, identity theft, and financial loss.

Token Grading System icon in black used in the ChainIT app
Token Grading System™

Your Assurance of Data Quality

The Token Grading System on the Art Lock platform is reshaping the way the industry perceives and values art. This innovative feature provides a standardized method of grading and assessing VDTs by utilizing both hardware and being ID levels, empowering informed decisions, reliable transactions, and fostering real truth in the digital economy.
  • Artists can showcase your art's quality and authenticity, attracting more buyers and collectors.
  • Collectors begin making informed decisions about your art investments and confidence in purchases.
  • Art Dealers benefit from a structured grading system that simplifies art transactions with full transparency.
  • Gallery Owners can promote a unified standard for art quality in their gallery. 
Art Gallery

Bridging the Digital-Physical Divide

ChainIT app screen
Art Lock Ui screen

Art Lock's patented hardware plays a pivotal role in the platform, serving as the conduit that links physical artworks to the digital realm. Users can utilize their mobile phone through the app or Art Lock's floating kiosk to securely record data attributes from the physical artworks. However, it's important to note that when using a mobile device, the VDT's grading may be at a lower level compared to Art Lock's floating kiosk. These digital tokens act as a bridge between the tangible art world and the digital domain, with the hardware's primary function being to ensure data integrity and enhance the credibility of data transactions.

Floating kiosk or mobile kiosk used for Art Lock
ChainIT Marketplace

Buy With Truth, Sell With Proof

Every physical art piece can be listed on the ChainIT marketplace, accompanied by a unique Validated Data Token (VDT). This seamless connection between the physical and digital realms provides irrefutable proof of authenticity, ensuring that buyers receive genuine products.


Enhance the value of artworks by leveraging a global platform to reach a broader audience, showcasing pieces with proven authenticity and a transparent history, adding a unique edge to their creations.


Collect both physical art and its digital record with full transparency, easily verify the authenticity and provenance of artworks, fostering trust and confidence in future your collections & purchases.

Art Dealers

Boost sales by providing an additional layer of transparency through a secure and efficient platform for showcasing and selling artworks, while also offering clients enhanced confidence in the art acquisition process.

Gallery Owners

Bring a cutting-edge system to artists and art enthusiasts to enhance their ability to showcase and sell artworks while ensuring authenticity, provenance, and truth in art transactions, thereby attracting a wider clientele.

With Art Lock's core features, you're not just witnessing an evolution in art authentication; you're experiencing a renaissance in truth and transparency.

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